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Here at CUB we list the cheapest, most genuine Ugg boot products and ensure that all items are the real deal. Beware of fake Ugg boots and have the peace of mind that you are buying genuine products from genuine retailers. Ugg boots are sometimes called Uggs and are unisex sheepskin boots, made of sheepskin with fleece on the inside with an outer surface.

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If you're looking for cheap Uggs without getting scammed, you've come to the right place.  At Australian Ugg Boots Review, we've put together potentially the web's largest collection of genuine, cheap Ugg boots, shipped directly from Australia to guarantee a secure delivery of a verified, genuine Ugg product – complete with user reviews, ratings and comments on the latest products to join the Ugg range from our online community of Ugg-fans.

Our Ugg-wearing community is based on the concept of sharing product information between Ugg-owners, with user reviews and ratings designed to give an at-a-glance insight into the experiences of our website users with different types of Ugg. So if you're getting ready to buy a pair of cheap Uggs online, you might want to check out our comprehensive user reviews first off to ensure you're making the right choice.

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Shipping direct from Melbourne, Australia, Australian Ugg Boots Review gives you access to genuine, Australian-made Ugg boots straight from the source – meaning no more running the risk of counterfeit products when buying your Uggs online.  Our secure processing coupled with our wide range of quality resources, user reviews and ratings mean it's easier than ever before to learn about the different Ugg boots on the market in a wholly safe and secure shopping environment.

Whether you're a first time Ugg-buyer or you're picking up another pair of your favourite style, our user generated reviews help give you an idea of the benefits of each different style and type of boot, while our consistently low prices ensure we're the best possible source for cheap Ugg boots UK-wide. <FIND YOUR UGGS…>

Buying Ugg Boots Securely Online

Whatever you're buying online, guaranteeing safety is one of the most paramount concerns you should constantly bear in mind.  The Internet can be a risky place to do business unless you buy from trusted sources and take care to avoid the obvious scammers. 

When it comes to buying Ugg boots online, knowing which supplier to choose from is often little more than guesswork, and we've counted over 250 websites advertising Ugg boots in Google's AdWords programme that are selling worthless, counterfeit goods that are of a poor quality, and simply taking advantage of the demand for cheap Uggs.

At Australian Ugg Boots Review, we're committed to helping you avoid these scammers and the common traps they use to trick you into buying.  Aside from trusting your instinct when it comes to buying your boots online, here are a few top tips to keep you safe.

  1. Avoid unprofessional-looking websites
  2. Watch out for poor English and grammar
  3. Look for a phone number or domain email contact address
  4. Prices too cheap?  If something looks too good to be true…

Avoiding Untrusted Retailers

If you were buying Ugg boots on the high street, you wouldn't expect your local supplier to be selling Ugg boots from the back of a van, would you?  It's the same online, except spotting the unscrupulous traders isn't always as easy as in the real world.  Cheap Ugg boots are in significant demand across the world, which has paved the way for scammers and con artists out to make a quick buck.  Unfortunately, unsavvy buyers from across the world have fallen for their deceptions, and ended up spending their hard-earned money buying fake, inferior goods.

Consciously avoiding untrusted retailers isn't always 100% guaranteed to keep you safe, but by having your wits about you when shopping for Uggs online it can be possible to minimize that risk.  Look for user interaction and reviews of past service, clear and permanent contact details, trust marks, and a professional and fully functional website – most unscrupulous retailers, while sophisticated, let themselves down with shoddy English or free, untraceable email addresses.  While this isn't an exhaustive list, making sure you're on top of the key checklist points that should set the alarm bells ringing is the best way to prepare for a safe, scam-free online purchase.